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The Third or Central Bay
10.  in the eastern lunette, over the door leading to the inner nar-
thex.—Christ in the act of benediction.
11.   In the western lunette,—TheTheotokos, in the attitude of prayer,
with the HolyjChild, in a nimbus, on her breast; the legend
MP             8Y
H XflPA TOY AXOPHTOY (the country of the Infinite) j on the right and left, an angel
12.  In the vault.—In the north-eastern corner, the miracle of water
turned into wine.    The date 13035 in Arabic numerals, is on
this mosaic.    In the south-eastern corner, the miracle of the
These mosaics, placed on either side of the figure of Christ,
are emblems of His character as the Giver of Life. In the north-western corner.—The sacrifice of a white bullock. In the south-eastern corner.—The second miracle of the loaves.
13.   On the third transverse arch.—Two saints, not named,
The Fourth Bay
14.  In the eastern lunette.—To the Ieft3 the magi, on horseback,
guided by a star, on their way to Jerusalem ; to the right, the magi before Herod.
On the arch above.—The busts (in medallions) of SS. Abibus, Ghourias, Samonas.
15.  In the western lunette.—Elizabeth fleeing with her child John
from a soldier who pursues her with a drawn sword in his hand. The scenes in the vault have disappeared.
16.  On the fourth transverse arch.—Two saints, not named.
The Fifth Bay
17.  In the eastern lunette.—Herod inquiring of the priests where the
Christ should be born.
The busts of three saints on the arch above have disappeared.
18.   In the western lunette,—Mothers at Bethlehem seated on the
ground, and mourning the death of their infant children. The mosaics in other parts of this bay have disappeared.
The Outer Bay fronting the pareccksion
In the eastern pendentive.—To the left (19) the healing of a paralytic; to the right (20) the healing of the man sick of the dropsy.
2f. In the western pendentive.—To the left, the healing of another paralytic 5 to the right, Christ with the Samaritan woman at